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Posted on Monday, December 11, 2023

Website: https://www.invisible.co/

Blog: https://inv.tech/blog

Overview/Sales Deck:

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Core Values:

Invisible Technologies stands at the forefront of operations innovation. We remove strategic roadblocks for clients, providing solutions to the world’s most complex business problems.

A technology-led managed execution service, our success is driven by our powerful process orchestration platform, which blends the perfect mix of artificial and human intelligence with automation to create extraordinary growth and scale opportunities for clients.

We Believe That

Invisible is a world-changing company and the Training, Learning and Development Team is responsible for creating the growth and learning systems that will launch Invisible into the stratosphere.- Exponential gains from systems > Short-term linear work > Systems for system's sake

- Consistent feedback is key - we are addicted to learning and getting better

- What one of us knows, all of us should know

- Every new mistake is a learning opportunity

About the Role

Are you passionate about helping others grow and reach their full potential? Do you excel at sourcing the best content on any topic and are you effective in curating custom skill development paths? Are you proficient at building models to support lean but highly effective learning capabilities both digitally and in live sessions? Do you have the ability to produce engaging content, resources, and assessments that ensure deep understanding? Are you an effective leader and manager of people with a high bar of excellence? If so this role could be an excellent fit for you!

We are looking for an experienced Skills Development Manager to help curate, create, manage and deliver training and content across a wide range of topics and disciplines. You will be supporting the Training, Learning and Development team and will oversee the cross-functional general skills and growth development of thousands of people, helping to improve skills and learn new industries.

This role represents the engine to the internal mobility of our people through skills training both hard skills and soft skills. You will ensure proper reporting and metrics are maintained across our content. You will be packaging disparate materials to create exceptional, easy-to-follow content delivered through our LMS and applications. You will manage a team of content creators to help support content development across multiple training-related media formats, both custom eLearning courses as well as 3rd party resources. You will engage with all departments of the organization to help assemble materials to create valuable content for that team, while maintaining a standard methodology for content production.

Because we are not an ordinary L&D function, we don’t limit ourselves to normal training conventions. We are looking for an analytical, business-minded, and strategic innovator who excels at execution towards a long-term vision. You must have a very organized, structured thinking approach for developing visual and written content and supporting systems to support the management of it. This position offers a variety of projects and topics with a continuous opportunity for ongoing development. You will learn a lot while supporting others to learn and develop!

What You Will Be Doing

  • Build an internal skill library and grow it over time: Manage content curation, development, production and quality for any skill training.
  • Manage a team of content creators and oversee quality and delivery.
  • Source training for skills where there is no content yet either through creation internally or sourcing externally.
  • Ensures cross functional skills are documented and aligned with training. Enable the ability to truly have internal mobility.
  • Work with product to ensure that we are mapped into Product so that training skills align with overall strategy.
  • Make sure that we are growing the general skill base of our people so that we increase their satisfaction as well as enhance the baseline abilities of our people.
  • Create various content types (videos, PowerPoint, articles, infographics) with relevant tone and style, adhering to the respective style guides
  • Organize content and resources in a structured way (as an input to training)
  • Target content to specific audiences and level of understanding
  • Develop sequenced steps for how to explain a topic, resource, or skill
  • Create written content, not limited to presentations, summaries, outlines, tutorials
  • Research and generate topics for new training
  • Review past content and provide evaluations and revisions as needed

What Skill Development Managers Are Expected To Do Well

  • Service - Supporting growth in others. You are passionate in helping others to learn new tools, skills and resources while supporting them in their development through the creation of engaging training content and experiences.
  • Systemic improvement - Don’t just follow orders. Question them. Question everything. Make improvements to how we work, not just our team, but the entire company. Show your strong work ethic through making something better than it was.
  • Systems thinking - Build systems that scale, optimize around constraints, architect towards the future, and create beautiful solutions to difficult problems.
  • Communication - Proactively communicate status, identify blockers and problems as soon as possible. Don't make us chase.
  • Teamwork - A culture where personal and team growth thrive and we become better every single week
  • Growth - Tenaciously improve yourself day after day at an exponential rate, and bring the company with you.
  • Self Starter - You drive work from the onset as a self-starter and have an aptitude to work with a sense of urgency.

Capabilities & Requirements

  • Experience with learning management systems (LMS)
  • Experience with e-learning
  • Instructional design projects for online-based learning
  • Experience managing others
  • An understanding of varied learning styles
  • Intermediate/Advanced video editing skills
  • Comfort presenting on camera
  • Excellent written and grammar skills in English
  • Excellent verbal and communication skills in English

Compensation & Benefits

  • Working Times: US (EST or PST) Hours
  • 2023: $90,000 annual base + $15K annual bonus potential + generous equity!
  • Healthcare Benefits (or Stipend Option for Non - US Candidates)
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Work Remotely
  • Flexible Work Schedule