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Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2023

We are Banked:

We’re building a global, digital payments network, based on API access to highly secure banking rails, but free from the limitations of their decades old technology and cost model to support it. 

Payments have so far missed out on the cost benefits that come from scale and the innovation potential of the digitisation of all other areas of our lives. With deep partnerships across the ecosystem we’re making real-time payments work for a digital world. We believe moving money + data together is an untapped source of innovation, and will change not only the way we buy things, but the way we live with more useful and relevant experiences. We believe it's what makes us different from other payment providers.

We’ve recently raised our Series A funding for the next phase of our company roadmap, so we’re expanding the engineering team to meet the coming, new challenges. 

Engineering Lead

We're looking for someone who shares our vision, who identifies with our desire to reinvent payments and will help guide us through our growth to directly compete with Visa and Mastercard.

You'll participate in the direction of the company and products, you'll be part of a team where everyone has a voice.

As a Engineering Lead of the risk team at Banked you'll be leading, hands-on a team to build our core risk domain. The more volume we transfer the more challenging the tasks for Risk and Compliance. You will be working closely with our compliance, product & data scientists to build transaction monitoring and fraud detection services. You'll use Go and its ecosystem to deliver event driven, composable and distributed systems that can be consumed by various services and internal tools at Banked. You'll also build resilient integrations with some of our external partners and their APIs, building the core functionality of our products.

We don't expect people to be experts with all of the technology we use or to immediately be able to pickup all the tasks we might ask of them. We want to build an environment where people can learn and grow openly, where failure is accepted as a part of learning and there's enough support to help people be successful.

About you 
  • Significant experience in communicating and working with software teams, and working towards building inclusive, fun environments

  • The ability to reason intelligently about complex, uncertain problems and reduce them down to clean, simple abstractions through well designed systems

  • A track record of taking software end-to-end, from inception working alongside product managers to production and beyond

  • A track record of developing for system maintainability and ease of operation

  • Experience developing distributed, reliable and resilient systems

  • Substantial experience in Go, alongside a number of other languages

  • Experienced building microservices and deploying on K8S

  • 5+ years experience as a software engineer with a passion for excellence

  • Experience in highly regulated industries

  • Experience leading remote teams

What you'll be doing at Banked
  • Lead, hands-on, a team of engineers, direct and mentor them 

  • Work with other engineering teams, compliance teams,  product managers and data scientists across the company to prioritise, build, measure and iterate over new features or products

  • Build services and software that's fast, resilient and meets our challenging scale, integrity and security needs

  • Build event based, REST based or RPC based interfaces that are consumed by various services in our system.

  • Improve engineering standards, tooling and processes as we grow

What Banked asks of you

STAY CURIOUS - “Look beyond” Those who keep questioning don’t settle for the obvious, so here at Banked we ask you to stay curious. Innovate, inspire, and *look beyond.*

BRING WARMTH - “Together is stronger” Everything is better in the sun, so be that light. Collaborate with respect and understanding, work with an open mind. *Together is stronger.*

OWN AND DELIVER - *“Make it happen.”* Own it with pride, act with purpose - have a plan and deliver. *Make it happen.*

Banked values 

We look for individuals who dream big, work hard and above all stay humble. Empathy, growth and passion is at the heart of what we do and through our work together we hope to create a safe and inclusive space. We deliver passion behind our product and encourage innovation.

GROWTH - A place to flourish, evolve and thrive.
EMPOWERMENT - An opportunity to drive your own impact.
A GLOBAL TEAM - A global, diverse, and inclusive place to be yourself.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equality

At Banked, we truly deliver on our word and are committed to building a culture where everyone belongs. We believe that employing a diverse workforce is key to our success and innovation. Banked are continually investing and reflecting on how we can further promote our diverse culture- a space for all to feel safe, seen and supported.