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Senior Graphic and UI/UX Designer



Posted on Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Website: https://www.invisible.co/

Blog: https://inv.tech/blog

Overview/Sales Deck: https://docsend.com/salesdeck

Recorded Demo: https://www.youtube.com/demo

Core Values: https://www.notion.so/invisibletech/Invisible-Values

Invisible Technologies helps fast-growing companies scale efficiently by offering them Operations-as-a-Service: a synthesis of automation, human specialization, and strategic consulting.

About The Role

As a Senior Graphic and UI/UX Designer, you will play a pivotal role in our Design team, taking charge of complex design solutions for both products and communications and delivering exceptional user experiences. Your expertise in both graphic design and UI/UX will be crucial in shaping our products and enhancing client satisfaction.

  1. Solution Delivery
    • Lead the conceptualization and execution of intricate design solutions, ensuring alignment with client business objectives and requirements.
    • Collaborate extensively with cross-functional teams, including developers, engineers, and project managers, to ensure the seamless delivery of proposed design solutions.
    • Define project scope, milestones, timelines, and resource allocations while actively mitigating project risks and challenges.
    • Be able to make consistently superior typography, color, and imagery decisions at a system level.

  2. Client Engagement:
    • Serve as the primary design point of contact for clients, understanding their design needs and translating them into innovative solutions.
    • Conduct workshops and discovery sessions to extract detailed design requirements and provide expert guidance on technical aspects of the user experience.

  3. Product Innovation Collaboration:
    • Partner closely with product managers and development teams to communicate design requirements and feature suggestions, contributing to the evolution of the product roadmap.
    • Participate in product planning sessions to provide insights on the feasibility and scalability of new design features and enhancements.

  4. Pre-sales Support:
    • Collaborate with the sales team in pre-sales activities, offering your design expertise to create compelling presentations and proposals for potential clients.
    • Articulate the value proposition of your design solutions, addressing any technical queries raised by clients during the sales process.

  5. Technical Demonstrations:
    • Craft and deliver captivating technical demonstrations and presentations to showcase the innovative capabilities of our design solutions.
    • Customize demonstrations to address specific client needs and scenarios, highlighting the unique strengths of our design offerings.

  6. Technical Mastery and Expertise:
    • Stay updated on the company's design products, capabilities, and emerging industry trends and technologies relevant to our design solutions.
    • Provide thought leadership by identifying opportunities to leverage cutting-edge design approaches that enhance our offerings and elevate client satisfaction.
    • Promote, utilize, sustain, and evolve our design system within the design team and the wider org.

  7. Team Collaboration and Mentorship:
    • Collaborate with fellow senior designers and technical teams, sharing best practices, insights, and lessons learned from your extensive design experience.
    • Mentor and guide junior members of the design team, fostering their growth and development within the design discipline.


  • A minimum of 5 years of experience as a Senior Graphic and UI/UX Designer delivering complex design solutions with a focus on user experience and visual appeal.
  • Proven experience in conducting client engagement activities, interfacing with senior client stakeholders at a strategic level.
  • Familiarity with agile product environments and an ability to thrive amidst fast-paced design iterations.
  • Proficiency in addressing intricate design challenges and a strong analytical mindset.
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities and excellent organizational skills.
  • Extensive experience with the creation of, and utilization of, design systems
  • Previous experience in technical roles (e.g., software engineer) is beneficial but not mandatory.


We are currently seeking candidates in North/South America to ensure effective collaboration with our existing teams and stakeholders, particularly within the Sales organization.

Working Schedule

The ideal candidate should have availability between 10am to 3pm EDT from Monday to Friday.


  • 2023: $125k base salary & bonus potential + EQUITY!
  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Unlimited Vacation Days
  • Healthcare Benefits (or Stipend Option for Non-US Candidates)
  • Ownership!

If you possess a wealth of experience in senior-level design roles, an aptitude for solving complex design challenges, and a passion for delivering outstanding user experiences, we encourage you to apply. Please submit your resume, portfolio, and cover letter for consideration.